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Pat Allen, President and CEO, began her career in broadcasting and attending the kind of trips she now plans! After trying many sales initiatives, she found the trip concept to be the most effective. 35 years later, she now plans these luxurious trips! Our loyal clients now build these trips into their budgets as they have seen the value in building relationships with their clients that also growing their bottom line!

With Pat's unique experience, we can anticipate your needs! We guarantee that your biggest worry will be what to pack and if your suitcase is big enough.

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Cabo San Lucas

Cabo holds the key to every door in your imagination. A place where strangers become friends as they are surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty and top-notch attractions. With perfect weather year-round; everyday is a vacation day in Cabo!

french riviera

French Riviera

Cannes is exactly as you dreamed it to be. Known for its beaches, picture perfect water, charming towns and villages…each sight as beautiful as the last. Situated where the Alps meet the Mediterranean, it enjoys wonderfully mild to warm climate year-round. 

Amalfi Coast


Beautiful Italy hosts the Amalfi Coast, a 50-kilometer coastline along southern Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. This spot is a popular holiday destination with rugged shorelines, small beaches, and amazing cliffs. Don't forget to check out the pastel-colored fishing villages.


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"Thanks again for your help in making this a great trip for clients...Our clients were very happy and for that I thank you!"

Ancient Ruins and Beaches


"Thank you so much for planning such an awesome Italian felt more like a vacation than a business trip"

Italian Adventure


"The great group of people on the trip is what made it one of the best trips of our lives. Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome. Premier tours did a great job."

Best Trip of our Lives


"Thank you for such a wonderful and relaxing trip to paradise (literally). Pat and David did an outstanding job and we were very grateful for the opportunity to be with your wonderful staff and all who attended. It was absolutely delightful."

Relaxing Trip to Paradise


"Our clients are successful business people that have the opportunity to go on many incentive trips. Premier Tours delivers each and every time with my clients commenting each year, "How are you going to top this?!"

With these trips, we are consistently able to outperform our sales goals. Premier Tours' knowledge of the industry and extensive network of professional connections make them my partner of choice."

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Anyone can provide a seat on a jet or book a hotel room. We go the extra mile to provide attention to detail and deliver even more than what we promise.

We have built generations of relationships with our international vendors over the years.  Now even working with some of the grandchildren of original vendors.  We'll impress you with our contacts and dedication.